September 23, 2007

"This very moment is the perfect teacher,
and lucky for us, it's with us wherever we go."
~ Pema Chodron ~

September 16, 2007

"I do not agree with what you have to say,
but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."
~ Voltaire ~

September 9, 2007

"Learning to ignore things is one
of the great paths to inner peace."
~ Robert J. Sawyer ~

September 2, 2007

"Sometimes you get a call and an uncle passed away that
you really liked, or a cousin or somebody else. So each day
becomes a little more precious than the day that preceded it."
~ Jamie Farr ~

Good night, Uncle George. I really liked you.
Departed Sept. 1, 2007

August 26, 2007

"Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one."
~ Albert Einstein ~

August 19, 2007

"We all walk in the dark
and each of us must learn
to turn on his or her own light."
~ Earl Nightingale ~

August 12, 2007

"And now here is my secret,
a very simple secret; it is only
with the heart that one can see rightly,
what is essential is invisible to the eye."
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~

August 5, 2007

"A contented mind is a hidden treasure,
and trouble findeth it not."
~ Akhenaton ~

July 29, 2007

"My formula for living is quite simple. I get
up in the morning and I go to bed at night.
In between, I occupy myself as best I can."
~ Cary Grant ~

July 22, 2007

July 15, 2007

"The aim of art is to represent
not the outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance."
~ Aristotle ~